2016 Grasshopper Forecast

The glory days of hot, windy, August afternoons. The lore that every fish eats shamelessly, as messy as your 3 year old son first discovering his motor skills, a fork, and mashed potatoes with gravy intersect in a joyous manner. Those are the days many fly fishers wait for. They don’t come but once or twice a decade in the droves of our imagination, but boy do they stand out. What say you then, Alberta grasshopper forecasters? Were there enough hoppers around the end of the 2015 season to lay eggs; was winter and spring favourable to your egglings; is soil moisture to be low enough to allow them to hatch so that the biblical plagues might again return?

The 2016 Alberta Grasshopper Forecast is now here, and while there will be pockets of high density, it appears that Moses will not swing his rod with a mighty plague-induced grasshopper attached. Well, not in a province-wide manner anyway.



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