Uncle Mikey & the kids

From time to time we get notes from people who like to share their fishing experiences. Mike Watkins writes of an interesting circumstance that turned to gold for their family. It’s a real lesson in just ‘giving it a go’ and having a great time! Again, as you read this, it’s all about taking the time with kids and allowing them to enjoy their time – kids simply love their time with us.  🙂

“Hi, it’s Mike Watkins. I’m hoping to share shots of the first time fishing for my nieces and nephews.

One summer when Drew, Anita, the kids and I travelled out to Deep River, Ontario, the kids really wanted to learn how to fish. So we went up to Canadian Tire and bought those cheap little Bob the Builder, Spongebob Squarepant sets – a tackle box, some hooks, bobbers and worms, and went down to the pier. Now Deep Riverites know that the pier is not the greatest place to fish, but I was hoping we might catch a perch or two, and it was by far the easiest place to get started.

No sooner had we put hooks in the water, than we started catching fish… one after the other. And nice ones too – both smallmouth and largemouth bass. I was shocked. I had never had the success that these kids were having in all my years fishing from the pier. But then I found out that there was a huge bass tournament going on as part of the summerfest celebration, and the fish were all being weighed at the pier and then released back into the water there. So there were a ton of fish around.

This first photo shows Dad and Unkie Mike baiting the hooks.



The first bass we got to the net


“Um….no, you hold it and I’ll hold your hand Unkie Mike”


Hannah fighting a nice smallmouth, Kathleen netting it for her . Yay Team!!!!




And just to be different, Dad catches a pike on a lure!


Perfect. It was such a great way to start them off fishing, and I was hero for a day for taking the time to teach them. They don’t really fish much any more, unless we are back in Deep River, but they all still remember it like it was yesterday.
It was a lot of fun for them, more for Unkie Mike. Their mother, who took all the pictures, the other day commented  ” Oh my goodness!!! Were they ever so little!” The eldest girl is now in 2nd year biology and is currently in South Africa tagging leopards. Kathleen is in first year and has the talent and drive to shoot for a career in show business. Mikey Jr just started high school. Time flies. Thanks for sharing this!”   Mike Watkins

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