We were excited to get the following email from Ray Makowecki. Special congrats to Keith Rae & Duane Radford. The issue Keith took on has years of frustration and a lot of red tape that has prevented it from getting as much attention and action as it deserved, but the larger point is that he took action and brought it to light and is impacting the future of our fisheries positively. Thanks to the AFGA for recognizing their efforts!

“Hello Keith, Duane and Others,

Duane Radford and Keith Rae (Get Hooked Fishing Adventures) received the Henry Lembicz Award at the Annual General Meeting of the AFGA on February 25, 2017.

The Henry Lembicz  CLEAN AIR, CLEAN LAND, CLEAN WATER AWARD is awarded to the club or individual who has done an outstanding job towards pollution control or clean-up of our environment.

Keith and Duane brought attention to a major release of sediment into the North Saskatchewan River in 2013-14.

Keith and Duane described the environmental effects, the impacts on the fish resources and the concern for the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem. They took the issue to the Alberta Fisheries Roundtable and to the Alberta Government and eventually to the media.

The government took limited action; however, increased public awareness of such harmful effects of sedimentation was achieved.

Congratulations to Keith Rae and to Duane Radford for the well-deserved recognition for your individual and personal efforts.

The Alberta Fish and Game Association believes in habitat first and your personal efforts to protect the fish habitat are much appreciated.


Ray Makowecki

AFGA Past-President and Life Member 

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