A fun day up high

Given the water conditions were a little high and muddy closer to home, and given that after 5 weeks of hard work at the lodge (Fortress Lake Retreat), it was time for Amelia & I to take a break. We opted to hit a wee alpine lake that we hadn’t been to in quite a time. 2500 feet up from the highway and maybe 200m diameter, it would be a great place to spend a hot July afternoon.

The meadows on the hike in are alive with flowers. If you get the chance, with this week’s forecast, now is a brilliant time to enjoy the peak of the bloom.

The last time we visited, the sight fishing was excellent. With quite a few people around, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d never been when anyone else has been around but this day people came and left regularly. Nobody else fished, mind you, which was kind of different given the only people we’d ever seen here 15 years ago were anglers. Good to see. Anyway, back to the sight fishing…

When the fish are cruising like that and there are rises all over the lake, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen! Want to catch fish? Cast! We’d come up with 2 rods but we met up with another fellow we knew from Facebook and gave him a rod for an hour or so. This gave us the chance to take turns on the camera. Not sure if the actual fishing or the camera is more fun. We went barefoot – originally it was an effort to minimize our impact on the mossy shoreline (a decade ago it had been torn up by anglers but it has since grown back in quite well, surprisingly) but it felt so good we spent the entire afternoon barefoot to keep cool!

The cutthroat trout at this lake have always been colorful.


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