A little help

It is always enjoyable to help folks with their fishing. As 20 year fly fishing guides and owners of a back country lodge prior to taking on the Alberta Fishing Guide from Barry & Ann, we simply loved to help folks. Last summer was quite engaging behind the scenes, sharing via PM with as many folks as we could reply to in order to help. Logan was giving it his best go but didn’t crack through on the Bow until a little later in the season. We just got a message this week as he’s having a great start to the 2016 season on the Bow River.

“Hey! I don’t know if you remember the advice you gave us last summer but we finally got some good fish out of the bow a few days ago! Just wanted to say thanks and attach a few photos”

Of course we remember! Great to see him catching! That’s what the Alberta Fishing Guide is about. Please stop by our Facebook Page to continue to share in our community!

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