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Please note: the Alberta Fishing Guide and Alberta Trout Highway (below) are available at countless fishing stores, fly shops, independent retailers, tackle shops, Canadian Tire stores, and Bass Pro Shops around Alberta and we prefer you support our retailers. If you aren’t able to get to one of our retailers (out of region or out of province) please order below.


An Alberta Tradition. 96 pages of Feature Articles and Detailed Directions to 1400+ fishing waters in Alberta. This is a must-have annual publication for anyone fishing or traveling to fish Alberta. The magazine features all of Alberta’s favorite fishing writers, maps, and more. The 2017 Issue is now available at this link!


strippeddownStripped Down: The Brown Trout Project – Dave & Amelia Jensen’s 2nd DVD is a 4hr production that provides some of the most in-depth, comprehensive brown trout information and footage available. This is a must-have DVD or VOD for every brown trout angler. We are fly fishers but the information in this production will help spin & fly fishers find and successfully catch a water’s best brown trout at any point in the season. You can purchase the dvd through the link below or through our Vimeo on Demand Page Link (see below) and purchase the chapters individually or as a whole. See the trailer below





Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project is available through the Vimeo On Demand page below. This is a fully mobile, feature HD, cross-platform VOD. You can download your copy and save to file or stream on demand.

Stripped Down – The Brown Trout Project – Trailer from JensenFlyFishing on Vimeo.


sightfishingSight-Fishing Trout Rivers Dave & Amelia Jensen’s Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers DVD features a unique style of fly fishing, specifically spotting, stalking, and targeting individual trout.  Inspired by their extensive fly fishing experience in New Zealand and their home waters of Alberta, Canada, they’ve adapted the style for trout waters everywhere, presenting the foundations to be successful.






Please see the Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers trailer below. Note it is now available for VOD as well, through the links on the trailer itself.

Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers – Trailer from JensenFlyFishing on Vimeo.


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