Birch Lake Survey
Please be sure to click the above to fill out your comments on this very short survey. It is quite alright to express objections if you feel this lake needs to be managed with tighter retention limits (or even C&R) if that is how you feel. It’s your water, these are your employees making decisions, be sure to voice your perspectives.

“Birch Lake Fisheries Survey Fishing – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) is consulting anglers over proposed changes to fish stocking objectives and sportfishing regulations for Birch Lake, a west central Alberta waterbody located near Burnstick Lake.
Birch Lake Fisheries Management Consultation: Background & Survey
From 1985 to 2012, Birch Lake was managed as a stocked brook trout fishery, open year-round. As brook trout are difficult to catch in the summer months, Birch Lake became popular among Alberta anglers as a winter fishery.
Annual winter aeration has raised oxygen levels in Birch Lake to allow it to support additional trout species year round. As a result, ESRD is proposing an expansion of stocked trout species in Birch Lake to include brown and rainbow trout.
To meet this objective, a proposed adjustment to the sportfishing regulations for Birch Lake is also being put forward.
Please take this opportunity to complete the online survey below and give your feedback on these proposed fisheries management changes for Birch Lake.

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