Bull Trout: Portrait of a Predator

This short video looks at the underwater world of bull trout in various life stages. It’s a short film that sets the feel of the bull trout environment well. As Blue Blood Films shares in their film introduction “Bull Trout are a long lived predator native to the Pacific Northwest, migrating from tiny tributaries to main stem sections throughout the changing seasons. Known for their aggressive nature by fishermen, underwater they are calm and confident. They are a truly fascinating predator.”

We’re fortunate to have a few good populations of bull trout through Alberta. While there are waters that are simply too cold and fragile to withstand much intrusion to habitat and angling pressure, our catch & release regulations are keeping fish in the waters. If all anglers would adhere to the regulations the populations would improve in those sensitive watersheds (such as the well known and fished tributaries to the Kakwa and Smoky Rivers).

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