Fall Cr (Ram Trib) Reg Change

Recieved the same in email a short while ago, then again yesterday. It’s in pdf so have to link via a fly fishing forum post. The nuts and bolts are that the Fall Cr bull trout spawning is attributable to quite a range of populations in the N Sask R system and needs protection. It’s a good proposal – close the short piece of water to angling to protect the fish from us.

It’s funny, 11 years ago I did a bunch of legwork to get the Ram C&R. Some folks attempted to call me out as being a guide, saying I was only interested in pumping my own tires to get recognition. 11 years later, folks are finally realizing and implementing other measures recognizing the fragile state the Ram watershed is in, being the transition from the more productive southern waters to the cold water of the Athabasca drainage. This is a wonderful, logical step. Please take the time to print off the form, fill it in, and fax it or email it to the gov supporting the measure.

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