Gindian: Fish Pics; Fish Handling; & Success in Social Sharing

Gindian has had a great season of fishing around southern Alberta. It’s wonderful to share photos in our social media stream as we encourage everyone to get out on the water. Here’s a few shots of a few great fish – and what had to be several great moments with friends and family this season!

We do want to touch on one neat aspect about Gindian’s fish photos this season. Gindian shared a few photos back in the spring that weren’t great fish handling. He took a few extra seconds to consider the fish this season and we’re happy to share that improvement. Our goal with our social feeds is to share photos of your moments, your excitement, and allow other anglers to comment on the fish handling rather than make any comment ourselves. Our shares sometimes have such intent. Subtle, positive, and helpful corrections by other anglers go so much further and reach so many more folks than brow-beating, and we truly appreciate seeing the impact responses in our social media feeds have garnered. Thanks to those that continue to do so, positively!

One thing is certain, we all have to improve our fish handling in a manner that benefits the fish’s survival. The Cole’s Notes is that they certainly need not be dropped on rocks,  rolled in mud, should be cradled rather than squeezed, keep your fingers clear of the gills, and more than a few seconds out of the water is never good (literally count to 5 or 6 and get ’em back in). Props to Gindian for taking a few lumps on a shared photo or two from the spring and taking the time to improve his fish handling while continuing to share. Again, not every shot is perfect, nor are ours. We’re thrilled that we can facilitate and encourage the subtle things in fishing. Thanks so much for continuing to share, Gindian. 🙂

















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