Tying the Green Drake Cripple

From Fish Tales Fly Shop comes a great video to help you tie a Green Drake Cripple. While green drakes hatch in early June on Stauffer Creek, they tend to be a later June – late July hatch on Alberta’s trout streams such as the Crowsnest or N Ram. The nymphs live in fast, well oxygenated water. Being a large mayfly (#8 to 10), the hatch is best when it happens in low light or wet conditions – the large wings of green drakes take longer to dry, thus keeping the dun on the water longer. You’ll often see slashing rises to these clumsy mayflies as the duns flail to lift off the water, trout know to key in on these individuals. Not to be lost nor forgotten, cripples – nymphs that didn’t quite emerge from their nymphal case – drift along lifeless and bulky. Sometime during the emergence the shedding of the nymphal case didn’t go smoothly and the mayfly essentially struggles and drowns low or in the surface film. You’ll see gentle, sipping rises on the surface. The following video is a perfect example of a pattern to use when you see trout sipping during a good hatch of these large mayflies.

Fish Tales Fly Shop

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