July Long Weekend Photo Extravaganza!!!

Hi everyone. We’re back in the saddle after some great fishing over the July Long weekend. We hope your weekend was wonderful and you were able to enjoy time on the water with friends and family. We have to assume many of you did just that because we have a boat load of images to share. And you’ll want to scroll right through to the bottom because there are some great shots this week!

Ben was out at Winefred Lakeben winefred

Brad was out at a good brookie lake – we suspect in the central Alberta foothills.brad C Ab

Bryce was out taming bull trout.bryce02

Chris was enjoying the campfire we all lovechris

Chris was having fun with cutthroat trout on small streams.chris2

A different Bryce was fighting a big bull trout after it ate the cutthroat he caught.bryce

Christian was enjoying a toothy battle down on Keho LakeChristian Keho

Gindian – all he does is fish so here’s a different species yet again. 🙂gindian

We’re sure that scores of you were enjoying the incredible walleye fishing on Wabamun Lake like Gisele and Coreygisele wab

corey wab

Kris decided to have a go at one huge sturgeon (great share!)kris

And then turn around for something quite oppositely sized with this goldeyekris2

Michael was out on Wabasca Lakemichael

Phil was chasing cutthroats in the high country, landing this chunky one. 🙂Phil

Ricky’s loving those cutts too – that a thick cutt!Ricky

Nathan shared this one – time for a little supper.Nathan

Robin shared this one – always get out while they’re young!robin

Stan was into the walleye on South Buck Lakestan

Steve was out in the foothills chasing cutthroat amongst the shoreline log jams…steve

And Tom was in on the action chasing bull trout!Tom

And then… then there’s Terris who shares this collection from his long weekend. 

terris1 terris2 terris3 terris4 terris5 terris6 terris7 terris8 terris9 terris10 terris11


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