New Video “Listening to the Walleye”

It’s interesting. Once again we share video while fishing with Wes David on Pigeon Lake. Amelia & I aren’t walleye anglers but there are so many cross-overs between fly fishing predatory brook trout and brown trout in lakes to fishing walleye that intuitive understanding of angling for them comes through. In this video, we have success as we discuss staying in control and contact with the hook in raising and lowering it softly off the bottom. Amelia learns to slow down her hook set from the hard sets of streamer fishing while fly fishing and changing over to feeling the weight rather than reacting to a strike, and doing a slow reel down to the fish and letting it fully take before setting. We have to make some adjustments to the bright day and listen to what the walleye are telling us in order to continue the incredible success we had that morning.

Dave Jensen

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