NEW! Sight Fishing Trout Rivers DVD release

Jensen Fly Fishing is excited to announce the release of our SIGHT FISHING TROUT RIVERS DVD. As you may be aware, we have enjoyed many years of travel to the S Island of New Zealand, sight-fishing the country’s beautiful trout waters. For several years on our home waters in the province of Alberta, Canada, we have sight-fished almost exclusively, hunting and stalking trout. It is a fascinating style of fly fishing that can be enjoyed on most trout streams. We’ve shared many photos, articles, posts, and short video clips of our sight-fishing experiences through various media. Our goal was to produce a video based on building the success of others. We invite you to order our DVD as we share our experiences in order to help you build the foundations of being a successful sight-fishing fly fisher!
A short, 2 minute trailer is now on line. The footage style is representative of what makes this dvd unique. The DVD is approximately 64 minutes.
This DVD is laced with situational tips to maximize your success. The DVD has been shot over many years in order to show the variety of situations common to sight-fishing trout rivers. It is designed to help all fly fishers appreciate the art of sight-fishing for trout of all sizes on a variety of waters.
NOT YOUR CLASSIC ‘HOW-TO’ VIDEOWe focus on scenes that show the trout; what trout in various waters look like; how and where to approach the water to maximize sighting; how to simplify casting and line control; and we reveal the world of a trout’s lateral line. Our goal – to maximize your success!
To order your copy, please visit the JENSEN FLY FISHING website!
Dave & Amelia Jensen

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  • April 20, 2012 at 2:26 am

    I am Excited!
    Picked it up within a minute of seeing the new blog post.

    Giddyup Cowgirls


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