Special Announcement – 2016 Mid-Summer Digital Magazine!

COVERWe’re proud to share the launch of our second annual FREE “Mid-Summer Digital Magazine, 2016”. We’re sure the magazine will engage you as a compliment to our annual Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine. It’s full of articles, videos, photos and photo essays – this is a great magazine to kick you into the mid-summer through fall fishing seasons in Alberta, Canada!  Here’s a few helpers to watch and read our digital magazine:

  • Viewing the Magazine (hopefully) is smooth and easy, and you should be able to access it on desk top PC/Mac; tablets; android & Iphones; laptops. We’ve used tablet dimension layouts as a basis, so you may experience menusome cropping on other devices. Of course, technology isn’t perfect so hopefully your experience is good – each page should load with crisp, clear images. If not, maybe click refresh and have another go.
  • From the embedded magazine layout below click “VIEW FULL SCREEN” on the menu (the icon with the diagonal arrows).
  • You can swipe, arrow, or click to the right to advance the magazine or left to go back.
  • If you check out the menu, you can see thumbnails of the entire publication. (And of course, you can share on social media – we appreciate that! 🙂
  • There are links to outside websites on most pages – as the page loads you will see a yellow box hilite the link area.
  • Video screens load up and you have press/click on the arrow on the page to play them (some phones/tablets may need deliberate pressing). NOTE: FOR FULL SCREEN, FULL HD video viewing it’s best to click on the Youtube or Vimeo links at the bottom right of videos to view on those pages. 

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  • July 21, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    That video was insane!! Nice drone work!


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