Sulphur Breadline Emerger

On line fly tying videos have certainly arrived. 4K video is giving us detail and perspective like never before and this makes it a wonderful tool in sharing the finer details. For example, this tie of the Sulphur Breadline Emerger from Tightline Productions.

Emergers are likely the most effective fly patterns to fish during any mayfly hatch. Fish keying in to the hatch will often pick off the slowest, struggling mayflies that are stuck in the surface film. While your high-riding mayfly pattern will certainly catch fish, the most consistent patterns are lower riding, patterns that stick and glide in the surface film. This is a great pattern. While the colors in the pattern are geared to the soon-to-arrive pale morning dun mayfly and the larger pale evening dun mayfly, by varying the size and color to match blue-winged olives, green drakes, and literally any other mayfly, this pattern is one that will float and be well seen.

Sulphur Breadline Emerger
          Hook: Standard dry-fly hook sizes 14-18.
          Thread: Wood duck, yellow, or light brown, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Trailing shuck: Golden brown Antron Yarn.
          Body: Amber turkey biot.
          Hackle collar: Golden straw, yellow, or cream.
          Wing: Natural snowshoe-rabbit-foot hair.
          Head: Tying thread.
          Thorax: Ginger rabbit-fur dubbing.

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