“The Bank” – EP04 – “Shallow Dropper – Side Sweep”

Each year we try to spend a little time in New Zealand fly fishing for brown trout. While the trout average larger than the trout home in Alberta, the principles of trout fishing apply and you still have to very much make the same casts, use the same gear, and rely heavily on solid fly fishing fundamentals. In this video, there are a few little hints as we walk a small stream that is entering summer drought and warmer temperatures. The water is still cool but fish are starting to nose into the heads of riffles, holding prime feeding and holding lies. This is the step before they find warm water cover to rest in – or leave for deeper, cooler waters. This nice brown is actively feeding, we watched it do some wide feeding swings to nymphs prior to filming. Note the discussion about why we’re using a shallow dropper set-up as well as why Dave fights the fish as he does. Both are effective in these situations. No matter where you fly fish, this is something that needs to be applied – especially on central Alberta brown trout streams with all the willowy cover eerily similar to this New Zealand stream.

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